This website’s content is adapted from the Improvement Science Handbook, a publication of the Division of Teaching & Learning at the New York City Department of Education.

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The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for its leading role in spreading improvement science to the field of education and for granting permission to adapt its tools.

Eskolta School Research and Design for its partnership through the development of this handbook and for granting permission to adapt its tools:

Benjamin Lorr, Emily Klein, Michael Rothman, and Jessica Furer

The School for Global Leaders (M.S. M378):

Carry Chan, Keri Ricks, Cheryl Campos, Erin Gamoran, Paige Wehren, Erica Abramson, Magdalen Beiting, Ednalyn Bragin, Joyce Chen, Regan Dimenna, Brittany Dimura, Christopher Grenier, Tiffany Huang, Catherine Killeen, Ivanna Matura, Erica O’Conner, Geoffrey Pasco, and Nicole Rhoads

The Eileen E. Zeglin School (P.S. K225): 

Dr. Barbara Pelegrinis, Alla Cherny, Katie Cunningham, Meghan Maguire, Stephanie Mazzaro, and Lauren Sweeney



The handbook is a publication of the New York City Department of Education. 

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